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Appraisal Course Descriptions L-1 : Fundementals and principles of Real Estate Appraisal (110-L1-101) L-2 : Real Estate Appraisal Valuation Methods (110-L2-101) L-2 : National USPAP Course (110-L3-NSC) CR : Applied Residential Property Case Study (110-CR-103) C-1 : basic Income Property Appraisals (110-C1-104) C-2: Advanced Income Capitalization procedures (110-C2-109) C-3 : Applied Income Property Valuation (110-C3-110) Cources for the Appraiser Designations Courses for the Appraiser Apprentice (75 Hours) L-1 = Introduction to Real Estate appraisal (30 Hours) L-2 = Valuation Procedures ( 30 Hours) L-3 = Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practise (15 hours) Courses for Licensed Appraiser (15 Hours) Courses for the Certified Residential (30 Hours) C-1 = Introduction to Income Property Appraising Courses for the Certified General (60 Hours) C-2 = Advanced Income Capitalization procedures C-3 = Applied Income Property Valuation